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The key to successful leadership

Worldwide recruitment giant Hays has released its five top tips for being a respected and successful boss.

News Michael Masterman 26 May 2014
— 1 minute read

Nick Deligiannis, managing director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand, said  leaders must take stock of their management style as it is all too easy to slip unconsciously into poor behaviours without even realising it.


"Sometimes people are so keen to prove their leadership skills and make a difference that they forget to stop and think,” he said.

“A few conscious reminders can help new leaders avoid falling into such unconscious leadership mistakes.”

According to Hays, respected and successful bosses:

Are unique when they lead: Mr Deligiannis said it is important not simply to try to replicate others. “As a new leader, you need to find your own way; breaking free from stereotypical leadership behaviours marks out a good leader from an average or poor one,” he said.

Are aware of stress triggers: it pays to learn what triggers you to become stressed, according to Mr Deligiannis. “When stressed we do not always make a rational decision but can instead react emotionally. If you know your stress triggers, you can modify your behaviour and remain calm under pressure".

Seek out honest feedback: “Leaders are often surrounded by ‘yes’ people who tell you what you want to hear,” said Mr Deligiannis. “So seek out appraisals from trusted contacts inside and outside the business who will talk to you honestly," he said.

Think globally: “Today’s leaders need to be able to work seamlessly across different cultures. In our globalised economy, good leaders avoid the narrow-minded view that if an approach works in their country it will work in another. Cultural sensitivity is an important competency for leaders today,” said Mr Deligiannis.

Exercise: “It can be difficult to find the time to exercise when you take over a new job and are keen to spend long hours at your desk achieving results, but keeping yourself and your brain healthy will build personal resilience and enhance decision-making capabilities and effectiveness,” Mr Deligiannis said.


The key to successful leadership
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