Two accounting bodies enter service agreement

Two Australian accounting bodies have announced today that they have entered a new service agreement, aimed to further extend benefits to th...

By Lara Bullock - 09:30 AM, 20 Jul 2017

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Smarter Business Software - Put Your Clients in the Picture

Put your clients in the picture  

Condensing complex legal/accounting/family structures into one page diagrams is a great way of helping clients to understand their situation and the work you are doing with them – says Scott Charlton, Director of Slipstream Coaching and long term business coach to both accountants and financial planners.


The key of course is to be able to produce these diagrams quickly and consistently. 


If you are looking for such a tool to use in your firm, he recommends that you consider Vizulate™, our Excel-based solution developed in conjunction with a highly respected accounting firm.

To try Vizulate™ for free, Click Here.


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