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Social media tips for every bookkeeper: Part 1

In our current business climate we can no longer ignore the impact of social media on our industry. There are some very simple ways that you can engage with your clients in social spaces. This is a four-part series, to help bookkeeping businesses use social media and define your social strategy.

Bookkeeper Rhiannon McDonald 27 September 2017
— 2 minute read

In part one, we look at content suggestions based on what's happening in the industry during spring. But first, let's look at why social media is a great marketing avenue in today's current climate. Social media and social networking has changed the business landscape by providing cost-effective marketing solutions.


Businesses who have learned to create content and engage in conversations are having an ever-growing advantage over those who are not and bookkeepers are no different.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Population Clock there are approximately 24.3 million Australians. Facebook’s recent data shows there are now 17 million active Australians on Facebook. Therefore approximately 70 per cent of the total Australian population is an active Facebook user. With 12 million Australians using Facebook on a daily basis, this is a huge number!

Starting off with a social media goal is always a good place to start. Narrowing down on your target market or expanding into a new market segment is something we come across quite often. You should be building relationships with influencers within your target market that align with your message. Then you can partner with those influencers, to help leverage and grow your audience. Create and promote branded content in the market to help position your business as a premier option.

Here are two great content ideas you can use for your business throughout the spring season:

Share pictures from industry events

Events are a great way to cross promote and help expand your audience reach while also giving your audience a personal insight to your business. Don't forget to use the event hashtag, tag your location and mention the event host to maximise your exposure.

When the event is over, you want content that will live longer than the event itself. Generate posts based on what you’ve learnt from the event, who you spoke to or insightful takeaways that would be worth sharing with your audience.

Here are some event content ideas worth considering:

  • Video footage of attendees at the event
  • Image or bio of any key speakers or special guests
  • Highlight social activities around the event

There are quite a few events around this time of year from industry providers like CPA, Xero, IPA, Tax Institute, BGL and Smithink.

Recommend a tool

Share a great tool you think your clients and followers would find useful. With so many apps available today think about who you are targeting and how it would benefit their situation or circumstances.

Without time and without a system for using time more effectively businesses just don’t run. You need to tap into your own surroundings and preach what you practice. Your followers like to hear personal experiences, case studies and examples. Then to help increase engagement put it back on them, ask them what tools they’re using, have they used any of the tools you have recommended?

Examples of great tools: Receipt Bank, Calendly, Evernote, Asana, Trello

Rhiannon McDonald, founder, whoSOCIAL

Social media tips for every bookkeeper: Part 1
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