Young Accountant of the Year (under 30)


A dedicated and talented new generation is key to ensuring the ongoing success of the Australian accounting industry.

This award recognises the most outstanding young accountant in the industry, who demonstrated an exemplary commitment to success in their accounting career in the 2017 calendar year.

It considers the activities, strategies and actions of the young accountant in terms of positioning themselves for future success.


This award is open to all accountants in Australia who were 30 or under at 31 December 2017.

QUALITATIVE CRITERIA (maximum 300 words per question)

  • What is your year of birth?
  • Highlight your career progression since entering the industry.
  • Outline steps you have taken to stand out above your peers in 2017.
  • Outline extracurricular activities you have undertaken to position yourself for success in your career as an accountant.
  • Outline the professional development you have undertaken since completing your university studies.
  • Where do you think the biggest opportunities in the profession are right now? Outline how you positioned yourself to capitalise on these opportunities in 2017.