Superannuation Specialist Accountant of the Year


Now, more than ever, amid a flurry of legislative reform and regulatory change, having a firm grasp of superannuation tax law is imperative for an accountant who specialises in the superannuation sector.

This award recognises an accountant who specialises in superannuation advice and is highly adept at guiding their clients through the rigour of reform and crucial compliance functions.

It considers the professional development, expertise and strategies of the accountant in servicing and keeping their superannuation clients.

This award is open to:

  • All accountants who were operating and licensed to provide superannuation advice in the 2017 calendar year. This award considers activities from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017. Please attach proof of licensing (mandatory).

Please provide the following information:


Please complete each question in 300 words or less (word counts must be strictly adhered to, please also attach any supporting documents, files no larger than 200kB).

  1. How significant is your focus on superannuation related advice in your work?
  2. Outline your steps you have taken to stand out above your peers in 2017.
  3. How have you ensured that you are across the latest round of legislative and regulatory changes for your clients?
  4. Outline any professional development that you have undertaken to ensure that your education is kept up to date.
  5. How have you ensured recurring superannuation clients for your practice?