Bookkeeping Executive of the Year


A successful bookkeeping executive in the contemporary accounting environment is one who responds to market challenges with innovation, and continues to prove the benefits of bookkeepers from a bottom line and growth perspective.

This award recognises an outstanding Australian bookkeeper who effectively drove revenue growth and shaped their firm’s success in the 2017 calendar year.

It considers the activities, strategies and actions of the bookkeeper in terms of benefiting their firm and promoting the value of the bookkeeping profession in general.


This award is open to all bookkeepers in Australia who held a management or executive position within the period of 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017.

QUALITATIVE CRITERIA (maximum 300 words per question)

  • Detail how you structured your work to drive sustainable revenue growth in your practice in 2017.
  • Detail how you have promoted the profession of bookkeeping in the increasingly automated compliance environment.
  • Outline your unique selling points/points of difference compared with your peers, and how you have created or contributed to a quality business as a result.
  • Highlight innovation you have driven in your business and how this has impacted on business growth.
  • Where relevant, provide a case study that showcases your business success in 2017.