Graduate Program of the Year


Developing staff at the outset of their careers is key to ensuring their own success, and also significantly boosts their chances of being productive and valued employees.

This award recognises the firm in the accounting industry in Australia that demonstrated the most effective graduate development program during the 2017 calendar year.

Based on graduate development initiatives, this award considers how the firm develops and retains quality staff through a structured development program.


This award is open to all firms in the accounting industry in Australia. It is based on the period from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017.

QUALITATIVE CRITERIA (maximum 300 words per question)

  • Detail your structured approach to graduate development and outline the graduate development program your firm had in place throughout 2017.
  • Demonstrate how your firm’s graduate program differs from others. Detail innovative thinking in the area of graduate development.
  • Highlight how you have used your graduate program to attract top talent to your firm.
  • Detail the processes you have in place to review your graduate program and ensure it continues to best meet the needs of your employees.