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Steve Prendeville

Founder and Director
Forte Asset Solutions

Is the Founder and Managing Director of Forte Asset Solutions, Forte Licensing Solutions and Forte Consulting Solutions (Forte). Forte’s Asset Solutions core activity is selling financial services businesses. Forte Licensing Solutions assist practices to find the right Dealer group or become self- licenced. Forte Consulting Solutions assists business to grow.

Steve has enjoyed a successful 30 plus year career in financial services. He began his career in New Zealand, then England working first in banking and then in stock broking. In 1987, he became Australia’s youngest certified investment planner (ACIP).

He established the Dealer Group National Mutual Financial Planning in Victoria in 1991.

Steve joined First State Funds management in 1993 and presided over Victoria’s growth from $40 million pa inward flow of funds to more than $1 billion pa.

Steve then accepted a global partnership in Deloitte, where he held the position of Director and CEO of Deloitte Financial Services (DFS), a national High Net Worth dealer group. After re-engineering the business, he completed the successful sale of DFS in 2001, managing the transition until late 2002.

After a 12- month sabbatical he came back to the industry and created Australia’s first specialist financial services M & A group Kenyon Prendeville. Kenyon Prendeville was the first M&A business specialising in financial services and it went on to be the predominant broker until 2011. Steve split the partnership in May 2011 to create Forte Asset Solutions Pty Ltd.

He is an active media commentator and public speaker on all issues affecting financial services businesses. There are 2,500 active subscribers to the Forte newsletter. His website records approximately 1,700 individual visits per month.

Steve is a member of the International Association of Consultants, Valuators and Analysts.

He is recognized by the Financial Services Industry and courts as an expert.

Steve has run, managed and sold national dealer groups, financial planning and multi-disciplined businesses in Australia.