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Peter Strong

Council of Small Business Organisations Australia

Peter Strong is currently the CEO of Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia and has been in this role since June 2010. The role requires advocacy for the small business community and representation of issues from members to politicians and government agencies.

Peter participates in various advisory groups to the Australian government including: Chair of the Digital Business Council, former Chairman of Treasury’s Business Advisory Forum on Standard Business Reporting (SBR); a Board member of the SBR Board; a member of the Australian Tax Commissioner’s small business stewardship group.

He also participates in a series of Mental Health Advisory groups as well as the Business Advisory Forum for ASIC; and various other business related groups. Peter given two nationally televised speeches at the National Press Club of Australia focussing on workplace relations and red tape in his first speech and the removal of centralised decision making and empowerment of small business communities in his second speech.