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George Haramis

Managing Director
Unison Financial Group Pty Ltd

For almost 27 years, George Haramis has worked in a diverse range of executive roles within the wealth management industry, successfully leading some of Australia’s premier domestic and international financial institutions.

George has personally developed an extensive range of financial service offerings during his career, specifically for the accounting profession. He is a passionate advocate when it comes to ensuring that any service he provides not only meets the requirements for the firm and their clients, but also exceeds those expectations.

Along with his team at Unison, George has developed an integrated Wealth, Advice and SMSF (licensing & advice) offering, and is actively working with many firms to help them assist their clients. Their structured offering is aimed at accountants who are serious in offering their clients access to these professional service, in order to help them achieve their financial objectives.

Having successfully provided financial services to accountants over a number of years, George and the team at Unison understand the complexities and challenges faced by the modern accounting firm. As a result, they are able to deliver significant benefits to participating firms, through their structured programme. The programme has been designed specifically for the accounting profession, and underpins the ultimate success of their Wealth and SMSF offering.

Everything a firm needs to make this work is provided by Unison.