Accountant (Boutique Firm)

Accountants who most effectively drove revenue growth and shaped their firm’s success in the financial year 2018-19


Accountants who are approaching their auditing work with ambition, innovation and precision to produce audits efficiently and professionally

Business Advisory

Accountants who strive to help businesses reach their goals efficiently, taking into account cultural, financial and succession imperatives


Accountants working within a business who strive to ensure its compliance, protection and efficiency


Accountants with a passion for management accounting and the transformative effect it can have on a business

Mergers and Acquisitions

Accountants who advise on M&A, factoring in fundamental expectations of executing a transaction effectively, as well as the challenges and opportunities of modern market conditions


Accountants who actively facilitates access to a range of different services for their clients, with the goal of strong and convenient client outcomes

New Accountant

Accountants who are at the beginning of their career, who are actively and effectively pursuing a clear career direction and have a bigger picture focus on the progress of the accounting profession


Accountants who provide exemplary services to property investors, and are highly skilled at keeping clients’ portfolios compliant and tax effective

Public Accountant

Public accountants that value the tax and compliance services that keep their clients above board, and go beyond these services to work toward the financial and lifestyle goals of their clients

Restructuring and Insolvency

A restructuring and insolvency professional who effectively steers clients through a change in their business, ensuring the best possible outcome for their situation

Specialist Consultant

Consultants who have exceeded expectations in their dedication and performance for clients on complex business matters, and are dedicated to a particular specialisation

Tax and Compliance

Accountants who take a modern approach to tax and compliance-based services, and actively believe in its future and value

Tech Innovator

Accountants who are using technology to enhance their clients’ results and effectively run and future-proof their practice or career

Wellness Advocate

Individuals who are active advocates for health and wellness initiatives, events and/or activities among their peers and the community at large, with a large focus on improving their workplace or profession